Yering Meadows hosted two rounds of Golf Victoria Pennant across the weekend with Division 4 Friday Ladies pennant followed by Men’s Division 6 pennant on Sunday.

Our course was presented beautifully and received great compliments. Thank you to management, staff and Member volunteers on the day to make this a great experience for our players and visiting teams and supporters.

Team results after Round 3:

Friday Ladies Pennant (Division 4):  R1:  Lost 5/2   R2:  Lost 3/4   R3:  Bye

Ladies Pennant (Division 4):  R1:  Won 6/1   R2:  Won 4/3   R3:  Won 5/2

Men’s Pennant (Division 6):  R1:  Won 5/2   R2:  Lost 3/4   R3:  Won 5/2

Full Results and ladders can be found at Golf Victoria via this link.