Maximum Score – Stroke. A new type of competition.

Yering Meadows Members Association have decided to trial “Maximum Stroke” as a different type of competition to provide another variety of play in addition to the usual Par and Stableford. This additional form of play has been promoted by Golf Australia as part of the new rules that commenced on 1st January 2019. When played, it should help to maintain speed of play, whereas normal Stroke events can be very slow.

It is not intended for use in elite events, but rather Club level day-to-day play. The Committee has opted for a maximum score of triple bogey to apply to any hole regardless of an individual’s handicap.

For a par 3 hole the maximum stroke score will be 6

For a par 4 hole  the maximum stroke score will be 7

For a par 5 hole the maximum stroke score will be 8

For example, if you reach 7 strokes on a Par 4, you may simply pick up and enter 7 on your card. A player who does not complete a hole in this type of competition  (often referred to as “picking up”) will not be disqualified, but simply gets the maximum score for the hole.

The first trial is scheduled for Wednesday 9th October and will apply to both Blue and White Tee competitions.

We hope you enjoy this new type of game and we look forward to your feedback.

YMMA Committee