Changes to club and bag storage procedure.

 It is with regret we announce  effective immediately, the valet and club cleaning service is withdrawn at Yering Meadows. With the limited resources available to the pro shop it has become impossible to maintain this service and still supply all the hands on attention in the pro shop, as is required.

Please note below the alteration to the storage procedure.


  1. Moving forward the pro shop will not be responsible for cleaning clubs or bringing them in and out of the storage area prior to and at conclusion of play. That is now the responsibility of the member.
  2. The storage facility will be offered on an ongoing basis for members to place their buggies/bags in a dedicated spot. It will be the member’s responsibility to plug their battery in and ensure they are using their dedicated spot only.
  3. The member must take their clubs in and out of the storage area in an orderly fashion, and not simply leave their bag outside the storage area and expect it to be put away.
  4. Note that the storage area is still a secure area, with video surveillance.
  5. In cases of severe hardship the pro shop will still be able to assist some members in terms of getting clubs in and out of the storage area.

We appreciate your understanding and co-operation on this matter.

Trevor Mair on behalf of the YMMA