Dress Code


The Dress Code has been designed to reflect the standard of the Club yet be practical for all Club members, guests and members of the general public. The Club’s Management, Golf Professional and staff are authorised by the Board to ensure that members, guests and members of the general public comply with the dress code. Persons not complying with the dress code may be required to leave the clubhouse or the course. Members and guests should observe an appropriate standard of dress at all times, in the clubhouse, on the course and whilst using practice facilities. Should members invite guests, they are reminded that visitors to the club should be made familiar with the dress requirements prior to play. The General Manager maintains the flexibility to alter these rules for special occasions or circumstances.

Golf Course and Practice Facilities:
Golfing attire is to be clean, tidy and appropriate to the game. In order to assist members and visitors to interpret this expectation, the following standards will be applied when considering the suitability of dress. Unless otherwise stated these guidelines apply to both men and women.


  • Men’s trousers, ¾ pants and shorts: may not be of the style with a drawstring or elasticized waist.
  • Denim jeans or denim shorts are not acceptable.
  • Track, leisure or lycra fabric pants are not acceptable.
  • Men’s shirts to preferably be the collared type. Golf turtle neck or mock polo style shirts are acceptable.
  • Men are permitted to wear their shirts not tucked in provided the shirt is expressly tailored to hang loose and the shirt must be no longer than approximately hip height.
  • Ladies shirts preferably to be collared. Tops worn outside slacks/ shorts must be tailored.
  • Tee shirts, tank tops or denim shirts are not acceptable.
  • All clothing, including hats, caps and visors, must be free from excessive advertising, other than designer or golf related subjects.
  • Socks of any length may be worn with shorts but must be visible.
  • Socks must be predominantly white in colour.
  • Socks may have small logos.
  • Golf shoes with soft spikes are recommended however other appropriate footwear may be permitted provided it is clean and neat.
  • Metal spikes are not permitted
  • Thongs, sandals and boots of any kind are not acceptable.

The Clubhouse, Locker rooms and all external Terrace areas.

  • Neat casual dress is the minimum standard acceptable.
  • No hats are permitted inside the clubhouse
  • No thongs are permitted