Titleist FootJoy Social Competition

Social golfers who are not members of Yering Meadows Golf Club are invited to participate in our Titleist FootJoy Social Competition. The competition is run over 21 days and may be entered multiple times by an individual. Prizes are at the end of the 21 days and are based on the number of entries. Prize winners will be given the choice between a Titleist/FJ product or a Titleist/FJ voucher to be spent in the Pro Shop.

To enter the competition you must have a valid GA handicap and have your scorecard marked by another player that is entered in the same competition.

Entry Fee: $15 (includes one Titleist Pro-V1)


*All decisions made by the Pro Shop Match Committee. 


Updated Standings:  

Congratulations to the Winners of the Titleist FJ Social Comp! 

Please come collect your prizes at the Pro Shop.

Titleist FJ Social Comp 24-05-21

Titleist FJ Social Comp Final Standings 2-5-21

Titleist FJ Social Comp Final Standings 20-3-21

Titleist FJ Social Comp Final Standings 26-2-21

Titleist FJ Social Comp Final Standings 30-1-21

** Prizes based on number of entries to date and are likely to increase in value as the competition accumulates for entries.