Golf Lessons


Golf Lessons at Yering Meadows

Yering Meadows have 2 PGA Professional Coaches who are available to teach golf’s fundamentals to players of all abilities.
As a result of your golf lesson from our respected coaches players will have areas of their game identified which need improving along with strategies introduced to improve the player’s game.

Availablity of each coach can be found below when you click “Book Now”.


Leigh Deagan 

Leigh has travelled the world playing golf professionally and witnessed a high level of service in numerous countries; he has also grown up at Victoria Golf Club on Melbourne’s sandbelt. He wants to bring his professional expertise to make golf operations and membership services informative, dependable and inclusive at Yering Meadows golf club.
Leigh is a former Australasia and Asia PGA Tour player. Leigh won the 2010 Papa New Guinea Open on the Australasian Tour and finished top 10 in the New Zealand Open twice.
He is also an accomplished coach, working with golfers of all levels. Below it’s his teaching philosophy described in 3 short points:
  1. Learn and maintain the fundamental basics to turn yourself into the best golfer you can be;
  2. Learn how to elevate your performance and execute when your next game really means something to you!
  3. Enjoy golf’s challenges with the right tools to overcome and exceed your expectations.
Booking is now available or by contacting the pro-shop.


Nick Clarke

Nick has been in the Golf Industry for 5 years starting his Traineeship at the Berwick Montuna Golf Club and continuing at Ranfurlie Golf Club before find his way to Yering Meadows.

His coaching philosophy is simplistic;

1) Golf is a game of managing your misses. We can’t hit perfect shots all time but its about how good our bad shots are that can make a difference in your score.
2) We all have different ways of swinging a golf club as everyone is unique there is no right way, it’s about a solid foundation and doing the basics right.

Nick is all about scoring and helping you lower your scores.
He is available to coach from Tuesday – Friday (9am – 6pm) & Saturday (9am – 2pm)